Chef's Legacy

Our Hearts are heavy today as the ROCKSTAR of heavy-metal, amazing Dad, Grandpa, son, brother and Chef~ Kurt Fahler, 51, passed away on Wednesday, February 28, 2018. Kurt had many interests and passions in life, the first being his family and friends~ he loved his daughter Kayla and son Jacob and granddaughter Nadia and enjoyed spending time with them along with his Mom, brothers and sisters and numerous friends. The second was his passion and zest for culinary arts as he was an amazing and talented Chef that truly loved his profession. He was currently employed as the corporate Chef at The Bar Group which includes the Graystone Ale House and Hagemeister Park where he will be greatly missed. He made countless Metal Journeys to shows with his Metal brothers Max Mayer and Todd Tousey. The Heavy Metal world lost a King.

Kurt is survived by his daughter Kayla Fahler (Joshua Carter) and their daughter Nadia, his son Jacob Fahler, his mother Jan Fahler, one brother and sister-in-law Keith (Teresa) Fahler, one sister and brother-in-law Karen (Rusty) Geiger, 2 nieces Claire and MacKenzie, Kayla and Jacobs Mother, Becky Fahler.

He is further survived by close and special friend Colleen Coffaro, who brought happiness, joy, fun and love into Chef Kurt's life. Kurt will be waiting for your next dance on the Stairway to Heaven.

There were also many other good personal and good cheffing friends dating all the way back to his hometown days in Oconto Falls, to Fox Valley Technical College, to Oneida Golf and Riding Club, to Riverside Golf Club, to Branch River Golf Course, to Green Bay Country Club, to The Bar and to where ever else the winds of time and good times carried him. 

He was preceded in death by his Father Larry Fahler.

Now he’s Riding on the Wind with his Metal Brothers Dio and Lemmy.

Ride the Sky Brother! Now you are set Free!

Check out The Chef Kurt Slideshow!

Chef Kurt lived live with passion! Do yourself a favor and take 30 minute picture journey through Chef's life with his family, friends, food and Heavy Metal.

Optimal viewing and listening experience directions: First, get yourself your favorite party drink. Second, BEFORE you click on the slideshow below, open a new tab, go to Youtube, search Chef Kurt Fahler playlist, click on playlist titled Kurt, play all, come back to and click play on the slideshow. Now kick back, rock out, party down and enjoy!

The Bar's 'Metal CHef' rocked in
and out of the kitchen

Chef Kurt not only loved his family and cheffing, he also loved to ROCK N ROLL! His favorite thing to tell people: "I invented Heavy Metal!" As far as North East Wisconsin is concerned it would be hard to argue otherwise. In early 1984 Kurt asked his mother, Jamin Jan, if he could order Slayer and Manowar cassette tapes from then upstart record company Metal Blade Records out of California. Her reply: "I suppose." Since snail mail was the only thing going at the time it took the standard 4 to 6 weeks for delivery. It must have felt like a journey to the center of eternity for the then 16 year old Heavy Metal fan. And once that day arrived, well, the rest is history.

Slayer - 2000

The picture below is the perfect definition of the Full Circle of Life. It was taken in the year 2000 outside the Eagles Ballroom in Milwaukee. Slayer destroyed thousands of new generation Metalheads at the show inside and then hung out with the original generation Metalheads after the gig outside.

Green Bay Press Gazette Entertainment editor, Kendra Meinert wrote an awesome article about Chef Kurt covering his Cheffing and Heavy Metal careers.She did a double sign of the horns job of making Chef look cool. Please click on the picture below to read the whole article. 

Judas Priest - Firepower 2018

Chef had already hooked up himself and his Heavy Metal brothers with sky box seats (Thanx Jess) for the Judas Priest - Firepower 2018 concert at The Resch Center in Green Bay. The line up included the British New Wave of Heavy Metal stars Saxon. Saxon's album Crusader was a major influence on his early days of inventing Heavy Metal. He was excited to see the show because he had never seen Saxon live before, and well Judas Priest is Judas Priest, enough said. Sadly Kurt left us before he could be with us at the show as he was on this earth. However, take heart. Chef had his own sky box in the sky for the show and with THIS one he was able to invite Ronnie James Dio and Lemmy to join the party!

Once again Kendra Meinert and her crew at the Green Bay Press Gazette did a phenomenal job covering and writing about the awesome world of Heavy Metal! A world that Chef loved, supported and defended with his blood, sweat, and tears. A world that ALL of us brethren and sisterren have had to listen to the ENTIRE rest of the world constantly tell us for well over FOUR DECADES how Heavy Metal is dead and never going to last! Well, a tour like Firepower is validation and vindication for Chef's years of front line, in the trenches tours of duties of his own. The Firepower tour gets a double horns raised salute to honor it because it is the ultimate double, single finger salute to the rest of the world. (If you catch the drift) And few things in the world made Kurt happier than that! Enjoy!

The Unused Ticket

Special ThanKs

Gathering of family and friends was held on Saturday, March 3, 2018 for a Celebration of his life at The Bar Holmgren Way. A HUGE Heavy Metal Cheffin' Thank You goes out to Jess Miller, Dan Timmers, Joe Zehren, Curt Cornell, Sarah Schrickel and all of the rest of the brothers and sisters at THE BAR. You guys were THE BEST through out Kurt's final journey through the Hole in the Sky!

A big special thank you goes out to Oconto Falls brother Brian Reidinger and all the good folks at Reinhart Food Services for their generous donation for Kurt's Celebration of Life party.

More big special thank yous go out to Chef's other vendors at Sysco Foods, Badger Wholesale, Zimonicks and Melotte Meats for their contributions and many years of professional and personal relationships Kurt enjoyed through out his cheffing career.      

A special thank you goes out to John Hansen of Hansen Family Funeral & Cremation Services for helping Kurt's family in their hour of need.

A VERY, VERY, BIG SPECIAL thank you goes out to Emily Deem and all of the crew at Fox 11 Good Day Wisconsin! Chef's appearances on GDW and his professional/personal relationship with Emily are two of the things that Kurt was most fond and proud of in all his years of Cheffing it up. There was no better way to wake up your day than with Chef and Em whipping up some good food, good times and cracking people up with their antics.

The picture on the left was one Chef's favorites ever. The one on the right, well, let's just say Em REALLY likes The Bar's ranch sauce.

chef's legacy continues

Chef Kurt may left this Earth but his legacy and spirit will live on. That legacy will live on through his mother, his brother and sister and their families, his children, his grandchild (hopefully grandchildren), his friends, his current and former employers, coworkers and business partners. 

Of course, Chef's Legacy will obviously live on with his many great recipes that many great folks like yourselves will be able to enjoy for many years to come at all six of The Bar locations and Hagemeister Park and Graystone Ale House.

Kurt's legacy will also live on through the influence of his personality. Many people found Chef's personality to be smart, edgy, and infectious. Few were the ones that forgot an encounter with Chef. Good or bad, he made a lasting impression on the people that entered his universe.

Fortunately for ALL of us this website will allow us to have a living growing Legacy for remembering, honoring, and immortalizing Chef. In this arena Chef will be able to engage, educate and entertain from the great beyond as only he could. In fact, nothing could make him more proud! We will continue with the ideas that we already have. We will also get to roll out the MANY NEW ideas that Chef and his website partners had in mind but were unfortunately unable to get started while he was still with us. With the help of our family, friends and fans we will be able to turn these ideas into realities so that Chef Kurt Fahler's Legacy will live on! 

The end is just the beginning. This is NOT goodbye. It is merely see you later. Chef got the most out of the short time he knew he would be here. He lived life on his terms. He would want everyone to remember him Cheffing, jamming Heavy Metal, partying, and having a good time! Now he is exploring the afterlife, discovering it secrets, and getting it ready for us!

So join us now as we continue into the future with Chef as our culinary celebrity giude into the world of food, fun and entertainment!

Talk To you Soon

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