Best Barbecue Recipes by Chef Kurt Fahler 

Best Barbecue Recipes by Chef Kurt Fahler

If you are looking for some of the best barbecue recipes, Kurt Fahler shares one of his favorites here.

Chef Kurt Fahler is prepared to reveal some major secrets with this Smoked BBQ Pork recipe. This is one of the most challenging meat dishes for many chefs to master, and it’s no secret that the best barbecue masters can make a rich living off their skills. If you don’t consider yourself anything close to a master, this is your chance to improve your skills and boost your confidence. At the very least, you may have the best barbecue on the block once you master the techniques revealed by this celebrity chef.

This is one of the best barbecue recipes that does utilize a smoker. Chef Fahler also uses a proprietary rub that isn’t available outside of The Bar, but he will give you an alternative brand that you can buy from most supermarkets at an affordable price. This allows you to spend your money on the pork shoulder, which is really the star of a pork barbecue dish.

The most difficult part of preparing this meal is enduring the intense aroma of a savory sauce and delicately smoked meat while waiting for your pork to cook. You can distract yourself by focusing on the side dishes, and you have many options if you look for recipes online. You may want to whip up some southern slaw and a big pot of homemade baked beans, or keep it simple with a side of crispy steamed vegetables. You may even want to bake some potatoes that you will later top with your scrumptious barbecued pork.

If you have always wondered what the secret ingredient is that makes top-notch restaurant barbecue taste so amazing, this recipe may teach you a few lessons. It’s not necessarily the ingredients in the rub that make the difference. It often comes down to the techniques used to cook the meat to absolute perfection.

One OF KurT's Best Barbecue Recipes: Smoked BBQ Pork


Smoked BBQ Pork
  • 1 ea. Pork shoulder (whole ones are usually 6 to 8 pounds)
  • a/n (as needed) bbq rub (we use a proprietary blend at THE BAR)  I found for home use McCormick Grill Mates Is Great!!!

Preparation Instructions:

Season the roast liberally with the rub and let work into meat a few hours before smoking. Fire up your smoker. At THE BAR we use Myron Mixon brand smoker (the one we use is for commercial smoking to serve on 9 store locations.) They sell a variety of sizes to fit most home smoking Chefs.

Now the fun begins!!! It's low and slow. Load your meat, keep on your fuel source for smoke; and cook depending on size usually 6 to 8 hrs. to ensure flavor and tenderness.

When your roast is tender let it rest for a half hour. Then shred meat blend with your favorite BBQ sauce and serve.

Item Origination:  The Bar

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