Best Chicken Wing Recipes from Kurt Fahler  

Best Chicken Wing Recipes from Kurt Fahler

If you are looking for the best chicken wing recipes to make at home, Celebrity Chef Kurt Fahler has a favorite to share with you. 

They’re crispy on the outside yet tender and moist on the inside. They encourage you to lick your fingers and may make you want to smack your lips in delight. They’re bursting with bold flavors that may require a quick chase of hearty beer. You can find them at virtually any game-day party, and they’re a consistent crowd favorite at most sports bars. If you guessed that we’re talking about chicken wings, you know your classic bar foods well.

There are many ways to cook chicken wings. You can keep the flavors simple, or you can spice things up with sriracha, honey, and a variety of ingredients that turn up the heat. When selecting one of his best chicken wing recipes for this project, Chef Kurt Fahler knew that there was nothing better than his classic Buffalo Wings. They look good enough to make your mouth water, and they pack so much juicy flavor that you may want to double the portion size for each of your guests. This is one of those bar foods that you just can’t limit without feeling deprived.

This is important, so listen up. You will need a bottle of The Bar’s unique hot sauce and a bottle of  ranch dressing if you want to make authentic The Bar Buffalo Wings. This recipe does walk you through the actual process that chefs at our establishments use to make their wings, but it’s not an accurate portrayal unless you have this spicy sauce and creamy ranch dressing on hand.

How do you get these special products? You come see us in Wisconsin. Every The Bar establishment will offer the hot sauce and ranch dressing for carry-out or dine-in customers, and you may want to try an order of our Buffalo Wings before you head home to cook them up yourself. If you don’t live close enough to enjoy this experience, Chef Fahler will recommend alternative brands within this recipe.

It’s time to learn how to make one of the the best chicken wing recipes, The Bar Buffalo Wings, like the pros. Let the finger licking begin.

One Of Chef Kurt's Best Chicken Wing Recipes 


Best Chicken Wing Recipes

So, you want to make the award winning and famous THE BAR wings at home. Good luck. (just kidding I will try to walk you through the process) But if you live in northeast or central Wisconsin call or stop in we have weekly specials and price break for large to go order; or have them delivered.

Let’s make this recipe for say one pound of wings.

  • 1 pound of chicken wings
  • ¼ cup THE BAR hot sauce. More or less if you like (pick up a bottle at any location) if you live anywhere other than Wisconsin your screwed. You will have to use your favorite hot sauce:  I like Texas Pete brand
  • a/n (as need) vegetable oil for frying: peanut oil works the best if you don’t have to worry about allergies
  • a/n celery sticks
  • a/n for dipping THE BAR ranch dressing (yes, we sell that too) or your favorite. I like Hidden Valley

Preparation Instructions – Ok heat your oil to 350 degrees. It's best to have about six cups in a larger stock pot (I use at home The Copper Chef 11’ deep square casserole w fry basket). Make sure your wings are thawed (if bought frozen) and free of excess moisture, then fry for ten minutes until golden brown. Put in a container with tight fitting lid and add the hot sauce. Close the lid and shake until the wings are coated. Serve immediately with ranch and celery sticks and repeat as needed. So yea that’s a lot of work for sure. Just call your local THE BAR location--- we got you covered.

Item Origination:  The Bar

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