Best Hamburger Recipe from Kurt Fahler 

Best Hamburger Recipe from Kurt Fahler

Who knew that the best hamburger recipe for a Big Mac was so easy to make at home? Chef Kurt makes it easy.

The fine details are what elevate this recipe beyond your typical homemade burger. Kurt Fahler shows you how to turn an ordinary bun into a crisp, golden delight that will make any burger-lover’s mouth water. If you’ve ever picked up a hamburger and tried to hang onto the bun as it crumbled into a soggy mess, you will appreciate Kurt’s simple technique for infusing that bun with firmness and flavor.

Seasoning is also an important topic when making a burger. Anyone can fry or grill a bland hamburger patty, but that isn’t going to cut it for chef-worthy bar food. This recipe will help you infuse each of your patties with spectacular flavor without wasting time or a lot of money. It turns out that the juiciest burgers are often brought to life by simple spice blends that are easy to find at most local supermarkets.

This is the perfect bar food recipe if you want to recreate your favorite fast foods at home. Making your own Big Mac allows you to control the ingredients, ensuring that your food is made with the highest quality meat and the freshest toppings every time. Most restaurants aren’t going to tell you what’s in their secret sauce or how to make a more appetizing version of their bestselling products, but Kurt is about to dish out the secrets to a Big Mac that hits the spot.

Whether you pair this burger with a pile of golden fries or whip up your own sides, this is a recipe that can turn any day into a memorable event. You may never want to pull through another drive-through once this juicy burger hits your lips. It’s time to bring the golden arches into your kitchen in authentic Kurt style.

Best Hamburger Recipe for a big Mac


  • 1 ea. Your choice of bun (I like a nice soft brioche roll for this burger)
  • 1 ea. Beef patty ¼ to ½ pound
  • a/n (as needed) shredded lettuce
  • a/n dill pickle slices
  • a/n sliced purple onion
  • 2 oz. thousand island dressing
  • 1 ea. Slice American cheese

Preparation Instructions:

Season patty with McCormick grill mate’s burger seasoning. Fire up the Webber Grill and cook then melt cheese. Lightly butter and toast your bun until golden brown (that will help give you restaurant quality taste that home cooks strive) Top with lettuce, onion, pickle and spread the dressing on the top bun close lid and enjoy the best hamburger recipe in town!

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