Graystone Ale House – Exceptional Food, Casual Environment

Step into one of the most elegant yet casual sports bars in Wisconsin - the Graystone Ale House featuring the food of celebrity chef Kurt Falher.

Located at 3711 Monroe Road in De Pere, Graystone Ale House was established in 2010 to offer a casual dining experience featuring a full menu of exceptional foods and some of the best craft beers available today. While Graystone does boast an expansive bar with nearly 30 beers on tap and more than 90 craft beers in stock, it also offers a family-friendly environment suitable for diners of all ages.

The Graystone Ale House menu also strives to include diners with special food requirements or preferences. The menu features an extensive listing of gluten-free options, and every Friday is reserved for an elaborate fish fry. Diners have the option of relaxing inside with more than 20 high-def television screens or to head outdoors to the large patio and beer garden.

Sporting Events at Graystone Ale House

We subscribe to NFL Ticket and ESPN Full Court, so we’re your go-to destination if you don’t want to pay for the big games at home. Graystone Ale House is also the perfect place to find a lively crowd of cheering fans when you don’t want to watch the game alone or when hosting the party at your home feels like way too much work.

When it comes time for a Packers game, this sports bar is one of the best hangouts for fans. The doors open at 8 am if the game starts at noon for home games, and our shuttle to and from The Bar Holmgren Way located in the Stadium District will cost you just $7. No need to make reservations for the shuttle. If you have at-home game tickets, we can get you to and from Green Bay safely.

Special Events at Graystone

Young People with Wine

You can catch a variety of live entertainment acts going down at Graystone on select days. Come in for a lively dinner theater experience, or get your groove on with some of our musical events. We also invite some of our favorite craft breweries to take over the taps on select occasions, and we’ll throw in some events for wine lovers as well.

Some events are family oriented while others are best reserved for adults, but there’s a little something for everyone. Events are always detailed on the website in addition to in-house advertising for our regulars.

If you have your own special event that you would love to enjoy at Graystone Ale House, our facility includes 3,000 square feet of event space. This is a single room that holds up to 100 guests, but we can split it in half if you have fewer guests. You can order from an expansive menu that includes plated meals, buffet options, desserts, appetizers, and drinks. You can also make use of our presentation equipment as needed.

The Graystone Mug Club

As if offering happy hour every weekday from 3-6 pm weren’t enough, we now invite our guests to sign up for the Mug Club. You get to drink from an exclusive Graystone mug while enjoying special discounts and deals throughout the year. Fill your mug for free and enjoy a special treat during your birthday month. Fill your mug free of charge once per month, and look out for half-off refill opportunities.

Regardless of your Mug Club status, you can always reserve seats through the Graystone website. This can often eliminate the wait for a table because we know that you’re on the way. We also deliver to most homes, businesses and hotels in town, so consider placing a delivery order when you need great food but can’t make it into the Ale House.

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